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Development of Ink with Biobinding and Geopolymer for Construction Applications and Design of a Unique 3D Printer

Ege University Scientific Research Projects, FOA-2021-21715

Andiç Çakır Ö. (Coordinator), Tuna E.E., Şendemir A., Uzel A., Baltacı A., Binek M., Gürbüz G., Sürmelioğlu S.


Development of Electromagnetic Vagus Nerve Stimulator for the Treatment of Nicotine Addiction

TUBITAK 1001, 220S214

Gürses O.B. (Coordinator), Şendemir A.,  Engin EZ.,  Nesil Ferrell TN., Biçeroğlu H., Uyanıkgil Y., Şengül G., Boztepe M.,  Turunç Özoğlu E.,Boyacıoğlu H.


Production of Multiphase Osteochondral Scaffolding Using Bacterial Cellulose Based Composites with Oriented Fiber Structure

Ege University Scientific Research Projects, FOA-2020-21947

Tuna E. E. (Coordinator) , Öz Y. E. , Aydoğdu S. , Bayır E. , Bingül N. D. , Akgöl S. , Şendemir A.


Development of a Contactless Remotely Controlled Bronchoscopic Electromagnetic Navigation System

Ege University Scientific Research Projects

Baltacı A. (Coordinator), Şendemir A. , Gürses B. O., Bayır E. , Göksel T.


Development of Innovative Biomedical Devices with Translational Medicine Approach in the Field of Respiratory Diseases

Ege University Scientific Research Projects, Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate Project (Ministry of Development)

Göksel T. (Coordinator), Şendemir A., et al.


Investigation of the Effect of Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on the Regeneration of Long-Capacity Esophageal Defects in Bioreactor Obtained and Vascularized Hybrid Tissue Engineering Products with Omentum Implantation

TUBITAK 1001, 118S349

Dicarcı E.(Coordinator), Şendemir A., Uyanıkgil Y., et al.

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